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The Ensigns of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The heraldic ensigns of the Ministry of Internal Affairs consist of the following elements::

the large blue shield with a crusader golden eagle, having its head turned to the right, red peak and claws, open wings, holding a silver sword in its right claw; the green olive branch, symbolizing peace and order, replacing the mace from the coat of arms of the country; the small shield, placed on the eagle’s chest, having five sectors which symbolize the most important structures of the ministry; at the bottom of the external shield, on a white scarf, the motto of the ministry is written in black: "PRO PATRIA ET ORDINE IURIS", meaning “For the country and for the lawful order”. .. (click phfoto for zoom )

Cartierul I The first sector represents the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police, showing a blue shield with a golden balance having its scales well-balanced, in the upper part, and, in its lower part, two Roman axes, crossed and natural..

Cartierul II The second sector includes the heraldic ensigns of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, showing a purple shield with a firefighter helmet superposed on two crossed hatchets. In the lower part of the emblem, one may notice an exploding grenade on whose sides there are oak branches..

Cartierul III The third sector contains the ensigns of the General Inspectorate of Border Police. On a green shield, one may notice a silver landmark which has, in its upper part, two crossed golden swords, and, in its lower part, a black natural anchor. The landmark is leant by, on both sides, by two golden lions..

Cartierul IV The fourth sector represents the General Inspectorate of Romanian Gendarmerie. On a blue shield, there is a silver rhombus, coming out of a three leaf garland and having a stylized “J” letter in the midst.

Cartierul V The fifth sector contains the emblem of the National Archives, on a red shield, on which one may notice a natural unfurled parchment, validated by an attached red seal, having a black – framed border and a blue string. The parchment is superposed on a black torch with golden flames..

The meaning of the elements:

  • the balance – symbol of social justice, highlighting the competence of the institution in the field of law enforcement;
  • the Roman council axes evokes the attributions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in a lawful state, as a guarantee of public order;
  • the firefighter helmet, superposed on two hatchets, are the traditional signs of the military firefighters;
  • the landmark with the anchor and the crossed swords evokes the idea of guarding and control, as well as the inviolability of the Romanian borders;
  • the lions symbolize vigilance, nobleness, heroism, suggesting the idea of a permanent guarding of the country borders;
  • the "J" letter signifies, since the last century, the Romanian Gendarmerie;
  • the oak leaf garland symbolizes the power of sacrifice and duration of the lawful state;
  • the unfurled parchment evokes the interest regarding the conservation and the usage of the National Archives Fund;
  • the torch suggests the role played by the National Archives in the process of developing science and culture.






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